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Matthew Brownell L.C.S.P. (Full) Born into the field of complementary medicine, Matthew’s late mother pioneered many health practices in the UK as she introduced one of the first mainstream holistic courses in the UK, Matthew studied under her tuition the art of reflexology after qualifying Matthew then graduated from the internationally renowned Northern Institute of Massage. The institute is committed to the continual upgrade and development of its study material and methods, providing a (continuous learning development program) for its graduates. Since achieving his qualification with the institute, Matthew has completed a variety of further courses of study relevant to his work including treating patients with diabetes, spinal dysfunction and how to treat it, sports injury treatment, and the Bowen technique. Matthews’ most recent studies have fast-tracked him through the Upledger Institutes’ Craniosacral Therapy courses levels 1 and 2, in London.
Whilst treating patients for one particular condition Matthew uses his skills to assess the whole-body system and energy.
Matthew’s mother, Pauline Brownell, was responsible for the creation and teaching of the first holistic courses at South Trafford College. Pauline provided tuition for Matthew from a very early age creating a strong healing lineage for Matthew’s work.



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