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Hi I'm Matt

I’ve spent 30 years treating thousands of people and I’ve developed a tested and successful approach to body alignment that will help you to feel better, starting today! See the many testimonials on my testimonials page and learn more about the muscle alignment technique or check out Matthew’s full bio, click here!

Does this sound like you?

I can help!

Think of your body as a complete, connected and integrated unit.

One area can affect another unrelated area and by the same token, correcting one area of misalignment can have profound changes to the symptomatic area.

  • Body alignment techniques to do at home
  • Complemetary products that enhance wellbeing
  • One to one sessions

* with Matt

* UK only, Manchester or London


Matthew practices everyday at king st west and Thursday mornings in Sale, we are sorry to say that there is no more availability at the Sale practice


Professional Staff

Mattew Brownell is fully qualified in several treatment modalities and has over 25 years of experience working with people from all around the world

Modern Equipment

Mattew may use several frequency devices that he has personally researched and tested over the many years of practice to bring about the required results

Online Appointment

On this page you can send a message directly to Mattew with your preferred date

Call Center 24/7

You can leave a message at 0161 839 5335 you can send a text only to 07787596923


Although Matthew Brownell is qualified in several treatment modalities fully qualified in the Bowen technique, remedial massage therapy, reflexology, Cranial sacral therapy, sports injury therapy Matthew has amalgamated the best of these techniques and used his over 30 years of experience, treating thousands of patients from all around the world to develop his very own practice and technique called the muscle alignment technique!


More information will be available soon regarding muscle alignment training for practitioners, please email for details or bookings

Please call : 0161 839 5335 or txt 07787596923

This is the News

November 2, 2016
I finally started the alignment technique website and here it is

I use egglixir to assist

November 2, 2016
The amino acids in egglixir assist the recovery of damaged soft tissue as the peptides...

Looking for practitioners

November 2, 2016
I will be conducting training for practitioners to learn the technique

If the base is out

November 2, 2016
I usually say, that when the pelvis is out of position the rest of the...



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