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Matthew Brownell L.C.S.P. (Full) graduated from the internationally renowned Northern Institute of Massage. The institute is committed to the continual upgrade and development of its study material and methods, providing a “continuous learning development program” for its graduates which Matthew has continually adhered to throughout his career.

Matthew is a fully qualified sports injury therapist and has been in the field of health and wellness for most of his adult life learning from his late Mother, Pauline Brownell, who was in the same line of work as a qualified Iridologist, Yoga Instructor and a Teacher of Holistic Medicine.

Since achieving his qualification with the institute, Matthew has completed a variety of further courses of study relevant to his work, which include treating patients with diabetes, spinal dysfunction and how to treat it, sports injury treatment, reflexology and Bowen technique. As a fully qualified Bowen practitioner, Matthew has always kept an open mind as to how to help the body on a mental, emotional and physical level. This has increased his learning studies with techniques such as spinal touch therapy after receiving a qualification to be a spinal touch practitioner as well as an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.

EFT facilitates the more subtle energy levels of the body to help offer a full alignment of all aspects of the body. Most recently, Matthew’ studies have fast tracked him through the Up Ledger Institutes’ Craniosacral Therapy courses levels 1 and 2.

With all the knowledge acquired in the field of wellness including being a teacher of martial arts and Chee therapy, Matthew has a deep understanding of the energetic principles of the body as he has combined his work experience of over 30 years and treated thousands of patients from all around the world.

His understanding of Chee Qi, studies of acupuncture, reflexology and similar modalities has helped Matthew formulate his very own unique treatment, Muscle Alignment Technique, which combines practices that Matthew has developed throughout his illustrious and admired career as an Expert Alignment Practitioner.

Anyone who knows Matthew can feel his passion for his work and Matthew truly loves improving peoples lives. He has a gift and many say ‘healing hands’ and along with his relaxed calm nature, brings light to any of his clients lives. Matthew’ success has also seen him publish his own book titled, Seeing is Healing. As an author Matthew was able to explore the unusual but effective practice of becoming aware of the bodies subtle energies and how to work with them with the proven practice developed by the CIA called remote viewing. For many years Matthew has built his whole business on word of mouth referral, never advertising his work in any way. Through the success of his technique methodology and now for the first time Matthew is introducing his work and products to a wider audience as he has developed health products that have been proven effective for a myriad of ailments. If you are looking for an all-round way to improve your health on a mental, emotional and physical level you need look no further than Matthew Brownell’s method(maybe say treatment?) called the muscle alignment technique.

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