thumb04-kevin campbell
Kevin Campbell
Ex-Premier League Footballer

Mat’s muscle alignment technique is phenomenal I send everyone I know for this treatment and they all get well, we need more people to perform this art or treatment to help people from all walks of life, I highly recommend everyone should have the treatment even if you feel well – as a maintenance, you should go!

Matty Askin
UK Welter Weight Champion

I had several scans on an injury to my groin, I went to several specialised and before coming to Matthew and having an alignment treatment no one could find the problem, I was bad for several weeks not being able to train. Incredibly Matthew got me at least 90% better in one session – it was like no other treatment I had before. all I can say about the session is incredible results and everyone should try it.

thumb06-kate kelly coronation st
Kate Kelly
Actress - Coronation Street

Incredible treatment, unlike any other therapy out there. I would go to see Matthew on a regular bases to help keep me aligned – BRILLIANT

Amine Linganzi
Pro Footballer - Blackburn Rovers

I was injured for several weeks before seeing Matthew, I had a reoccurring injury and nothing would get it right but after Matthew’s alignment session I felt fantastic I recommend this treatment to anyone.

thumb08-paddy crerand man united
Paddy Crerand
Man United Pundit

Matt is so good he actually saw I had a problem from watching me on TV – I got a message from a friend of mine to say Mat would sort my neck, I could not believe it because my neck was bad but I had not told anyone about it, because I was amazed by that I went to see Matt and he fixed me right away – amazing really, really amazing!

thumb09-rudy keil south african rugby
Rudy Keil
South African Rugby International

Rudi Keil is a Rugby Union Centre and former South African international player.

anthony corrella
Anthony Crolla

Anthony is the current holder of the WBO inter-continental lightweight title after beating Gavin Rees. He says “The muscle alignment technique is an absolutely brilliant treatment”.

scott carson
Scott Carson
Pro Footballer - Wigan

England and former Liverpool and Wigan goalkeeper! I was injured for quite some time, I had the muscle alignment technique and I was playing the next match – great treatment!!

thumb01-cherylee houston coronation st
Cherylee houston
Actress - Coronation Street

Matt’s muscle alignment sessions have really helped me through my working days when sometimes I would be on set for hours. I am so glad I found Manchester’s best kept secret the treatment should be for everyone

brad layzell
Sean Long // Brad Layzell
Premiership Rugby Player // Pro Ice Hockey Player

Matt’s treatment was like no other treatment I have had before, incredible experience and results. (B.L.).
Incredible treatment! (S.L..)

thumb-youl mawene
Youl Mawene
Ex Pro Footballer - Fleetwood Manager

Everyone should have an alignment treatment it is as simple as that – I recommend anyone to try the sessions – brilliant.

thumb-neil mellor
Neil Mellor
Pro Footballer - Former Liverpool and Preston North End player

Playing pro football at prem level was taxing and Matts’ treatment really helped with a condition I had.

thumb-wayne henderson
Wayne Henderson
Pro Footballer - Preston North End

As a goal keeper I was prone to injury _ I have to say, I was refereed to Matthew from another pro footballer and I was so glad I went as his treatment did me the world of good. I am so glad a had the sessions when I could. If you have any type of pain or problem you shouuld have an alignment treatment.

Uwe Rosler
Football Manager - Wigan Athletic F.C.

I wish I knew about Mat’s muscle alignment technique when I was playing pro football, I am sure I could be playing now if I did. I noticed incredible results even in one session.

thumb02-john edwards status quo
John Edwards
Musician - Status Quo


Scott Fletcher
Chair of ANS Group

Technology entrepreneur Scott Fletcher has been awarded an MBE. His business group is an IT infrastructure specialist, based at Manchester Science Parks & London! I have an alignment treatment for healthy maintenance and always feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards & I am aligned most weeks when I am in the UK, everyone should try it!

Julie Neville
Health Proponent

I always have a muscle alignment treatment when I feel any niggles aches and pains, every one should try it

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